P&G’s Head & Shoulders campaign breaks Instagram record

P&G’s Head & Shoulders has broken the Singapore Book of Records record for Most Number of #SGLargestGroufie Instagram uploads in four hours, with a final count of 1,111 uploads on a campaign it did.

The anti-dandruff shampoo brand partnered with Spotify-powered The Music Run, sponsored by insurance company AIA to start a movement of closeness and confidence through group-centered activities.

A group self-portrait with the hashtag #groufie was set to redefine the ‘selfie’ or even the ‘wefie’.

As the Official Haircare Sponsor for The Music Run, the Head & Shoulders brand shifted the focus from physical confidence to genuine smiles and emotions.

For #groufie, Head & Shoulders asked all runners to have the confidence to get close and put their heads together for the #SGLargestGroufie challenge.

From 3:30 – 7:30 PM, around 9,000 runners snapped pictures with their friends and uploaded the “groufie” on Instagram concurrently.

According to ChannelNews Asia reports, Singtel users were unable to access photo-sharing application Instagram on Saturday, 11 April for a few hours due to abnormally high-traffic, alleged caused by the #SGLargestGroufie challenge, according to the brand’s PR agency DeVries, which did the campaign.

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