The Music Run – Beijing

About This Event

“The Music Run by AIA”, a super high run in the music world, Beijing Station is about to start

In May of this year, the global fun running event The Music Run by AIA Shenzhen Station ignited the music running super hi experience. Beijing, ignite a different running experience for the runners in the music world, and a music party will be waiting for you to detonate. 

Round the World Tour – A Feast for the People of the Earth to Run

“This is the most emotional running activity I have ever participated in, there is no one,” Xiao Q shouted to the camera of “Aile Run” at the Shenzhen Station. Such a “feeling” fun run is more like a music festival for runners. Since the first time in 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the enthusiasm of the national music running has been ignited. From Singapore to Hamburg, there are more than 100,000 participants. Everywhere it went, it was full, showing the unique temperament of this “Earth People’s Fun Running Event”. Starting from Asia, the 2016 The Music Run by AIA will cover more than 40 cities in 18 countries around the world, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States.

This time, The Music Run by AIA Beijing Railway Station will also start on August 27. The general manager of AIA Beijing Branch said: “The Music Run brings you music and music. The ‘bipolar’ experience of running is highly consistent with AIA’s brand proposition of ‘true life, true partner’, and people living in Beijing have never lacked passion and love for life, bringing the life philosophy advocated by Aile Run into In such a city where modern trends and historical culture collide, I believe there will be different sparks.”

The loudest 5km in the world

“The Music Run by AIA gave me the feeling of a five-kilometer ultra-long distance music party,” said runner Jerry. As you can see, the difference of Philharmonic Run is that it uses music to stimulate the senses of every participant. The 5-kilometer track is surrounded by 120 stereos of professional concert specifications, forming a veritable music assembly line. Every kilometer has a different music theme, rock, pop, retro, hip-hop and dance music, turning the running steps into dance steps with different rhythms, rhythm first, full of motivation.

The Music Run by AIA Martin Capstick, CEO of Exceed Sports & Entertainment, the Asian organizer of AIA, has never doubted the appeal of The Music Run to urban young people. It’s an honor for the Philharmonic Run to come to Beijing this time.” He added, “This is the first time in the world that the theme of a music party and a road run are combined. When runners come here, every kilometer will have a different experience, which will become friends for all friends. An unforgettable experience.”